more red moon rising

September 11, 2004

I just finished Red Moon Rising. I certainly recommend it to you, but in the meantime, here’s some highlights for you to mull over.

  • pg 35 — “God thinks more of your desires than of the words in which they are expressed. It may be natural for a scholar to consider the accuracy of your terms, but God especially notes the sincerity of your soul. There is no other place where the heart should be so free as before the mercy seat. There, you can talk out your very soul, for that is the best prayer you can present.” — CH Spurgeon
  • pg 61 — “As soon as the previous person had left me alone, I found myself pouring over the things people had already written on walls and thanking God with mounting excitement.” — A description of his experience in the prayer room. Aren’t the best prayers the ones where we know someone else is also sharing in them with us, and adding to them as they go.
  • pg 69 — “I’m convinced that some churches would cease to exist if they were to cancel the Sunday service, but we found ourselves functioning as a real community in prayer and fellowship daily.”
  • pg 161 — “But God’s been challenging me to feel my sister’s pain, because that’s what it actually means to truly intercede. I also believe God is challenging us as a movement of young people to dare to feel the pain all around us. To move from praying ‘for’ people form the comfort of our own salvation to interceding ‘with’ them from the position of need.”
  • pg 191 — “For thirty years, the church has been gathering to say ‘Come, Holy Spirit,’ and in His grace He has come. But perhaps the tables are turning. Perhaps it is now the Holy Spirit’s turn and He is saying to us, ‘Come, holy people.’ Perhaps the Holy Spirit is waiting for us to attend His meetings in surprising places.”
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