September 25, 2004

I actually clicked on a banner ad last night. Not only that…I’m glad I did. The ad was promoting a free 60-day trial of Microsoft OneNote. I downloaded and installed it, and I love it. I was watching Hidalgo when I stumbled on OneNote, and I think that playing with this software may have even made that two hours of life worth living. For first generation software, it is very fucntional. I would kind of describe it as a thought database, and it works well. I have a couple ways of filing both book summaries and Scripture study notes, but I’m now in the process of converting all of them over to OneNote. Not to mention my journal, and a wholebunch of brainstormed concepts I had in a couple of word documents.

I definitely recommend it.

Now, I just need to figure out if this ebay auction is for a legal and valid version of OneNote.

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