middle managers in christendom

October 10, 2004

I read the paragraph below in an article over at Next-Wave and thought it was worth passing along:

I hold a theological conviction that churches, rightly conceived, are fundamentally personal. They exist to bring people into personal relationships with each other and with the tri-personal God. I suppose some degree of bureaucratization may be inevitable in today’s world, but I wonder how faithfully a bureaucratic scheme can fulfill the theological vision of the church? I wonder how much frustration and disappointment staff members and congregants have experienced because they were expecting a community and encountered a bureaucracy? I wonder if we are sufficiently examining the ramifications of the attempt to merge two potentially incompatible organizational models: one inherently personal, one inherently impersonal?

I continue to hold that a church both must be personal in nature, but still maintain degree of structure/organization. I have yet to fully figure out what this looks like, or if it is possible. Are the two fundamentally at odds with each other? Are organic and organized diametrically opposed to each other?

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