October 13, 2004

I wish I had even the tiniest grasp on what it means to be a mystical Christian. I don’t just mean defining it — I mean being it. Of course, if I can fully grasp what it means to be mystical, is it no longer mystical. If I create a five-step process or daily regimen to experience a mystical faith, isn’t there a danger that I will miss the wind that blows wherever it chooses?

Seems like I’ve read and heard plenty on this topic of late. It is somewhat trendy to discuss, but I would hope it is more than that. I would hope it is people trying to put terms on what the Spirit of God is trying to do today.

I want to have a faith that doesn’t have all the answers worked out — for wouldn’t that no longer cease to be faith. I want to have a walk with God that is in tune with what he is doing and where he is leading. I want to raise the sails of a mystical faith and catch the wind wherever it blows.

If I only had clue how…

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