oh my

October 15, 2004 | 7 Comments

Don’t panic if you don’t see your favorite sport…there’s more!

  • Gary

    YES!! Conan O’Brien did a spoof of those about two or three years ago…Jesus riding a mechanical bull, stuff like that. It’s hilarious.

  • Brewster

    Truly funny…and a little strange. I wish Jesus was my batting coach at age seven.

  • ConK

    Is that Jesus encouraging violence?!?!?

  • Gary

    Check out the football one. I don’t know about you, but I would think twice before trying to tackle the Messiah…

  • Brewster

    This has nothing to do with Jesus helping kids play sports…but it just seemed to fit under a post titled, “oh my.”

    Today, October 17, was the first day since May that I got in my car and could see my breath because it was so cold. To quote from the book of James: “My brothers, this should not be.”

  • i would love to buy one where Jesus is helping out a young child’s target practice with an automatic fire arm.

  • david

    did jesus have a mullet?