the balance

October 30, 2004

I have wrestled a number of times on this blog regarding how organizational values should fit in a church. I’ve not been one who has endorsed the pure dismissal of leadership and organization as so many appear to have done, at least in principle. Stephen Shields, from what I have seen in a number of his posts, appears to think along the same lines as I do. His post this morning, entitled organizational excellence and spiritual life in community tackles some of the thoughts swirling around this issue very well.

As I stated in my comments on his post, if all truth is God’s truth, than there is some truth and wisdom that some wise organization specialists have implemented and it is worth evaluating. I think that many have swung the pendulum too far in trying to completely remove structure and leadership from the church. At the same time, it is dangerous if our churches incorporate these leadership tactics at the expense of no longer being a Spirit-led movement. There is a balance, and one of these days, perhaps I will find it…

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