prayers please

November 14, 2004 | 8 Comments

Sherri and I are off on a trip this week. We are in midst of a journey which will determine some direction for our life for the next several years at least, and these next few days should help to bring some clarity to all of it. Your prayers would be appreciated.

  • Hi John, I’ll keep you and Sherri in my prayers. It sounds like maybe the trip is a precusor to the jouney. So I just pray for a spirit of unity between you and Sherri, as our companions and soul mates are probably the most vital element of the journey. And that God would just give the ears to hear and the eyes to see and the wisdom to discern His will in the journey. Blessings fellow pilgrims.

  • From one fellow journeyman to another, you have my prayer, bro. Keep the faith, love deeply (especially Sherry and those that have been part of your community) and listen intently.

  • Dean

    You know how much I love you both. God has been walking with you through everything and will continue to be by your side this week. We will be praying for you to hear clearly from Him.

  • Both of you are in my prayers bro.

  • Brewster

    I’m praying. And I’m kinda excited too.

  • Praying as well… Have a great trip (physically and spiritually).

  • Much love and prayers. If you’ve been reading my other blog, you know that Nadine and I have been going through some directional clarity of the next few years as well. If for that reason alone, you will be in my thoughts.

  • david

    peace to you both