November 26, 2004

I’ve had a number on conversations in the last few weeks with people regarding what it means to identify yourself as emergent and where I think I fit with that. There are lots of good things the emergent conversation has to say, and much I have learned from it. I, however, don’t particularly feel a need to call myself emergent as it is becoming defined as a movement within the church. (I am aware that emergent hasn’t desired to be considered a movement, but that seems to be happening in larger circles despite their intentions.)

Maggi Dawn had some recent thoughts about this that I think are worth pointing you toward if you are trying to sort out this whole emergening thing and where you fit. I, as she suggests, simply want to be on a journey with the Spirit in order to discover all that God is trying to do in this wonderful creation. If some of the emergent conversation is part of how the Spirit does that in me, that is wonderful, but I pray that none of us ever forgets that we can learn equally from evangelicals, catholics, agnostics, athiests, and even Oakland Raider fans.

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