it’s in there

December 13, 2004

Sherri and I were talking tonight about a friend of hers. Sherri is overwhelmed by this friend, because she will do pretty much anything for her. It’s humbling for all of us when we encounter people who have such a desire to help and serve us.

The beautiful thing in this situation is that Sherri’s friend isn’t a Jesus follower. Sherri and I were talking tonight about how ridiculous it is that we are surprised that someone who isn’t a Jesus follower would have a such a heart to serve. Why do followers of Jesus continuously have to be surprised when we see “non-Christians” living in a beautiful way?

The bottom line is this: She has found a friend in Sherri who she can let her guard down with. Sherri has loved her in a way that few people, if any, in her life have. How wonderful is it to see that once the guard is dropped, the image of her creator is revealed?

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