December 22, 2004


I started a new, but little, project this pass week. I created a blog hosting service called QuikBlogs.

The short version of the story is, I bought some space and bandwidth on a server for another project I’m working on, and it will also host this blog soon. The deal included far more bandwidth than I should need, so hopefully this will help me cover some of the costs.

The details are on the site, but here’s the basic rundown. For a minimal expense, you get a web server, pre-loaded with Pivot, which is a great blogging script — just ask Tim Samoff who is using it, and where I first saw it. You can also have up to five email addresses with whatever domain name you choose for your blog. Last I checked, IdioticThoughts.com is still available, which I think would be a great domain name for some of you. 😉

I’m not planning to do any heavy promotion of this, but if you are looking to upgrade your blog, or know someone who wants to start one, this is an option to consider.

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