tsunami perspectives

January 2, 2005

NT Wright wrote a commentary a few days ago on the tsunamis, and the perspective, or perhaps lack of, that the Bible seems to offer on such things. I find his response to be much warmer, empathetic and reasonable than the cold and calloused response that John Piper wrote a few days ago.

We can best understand who God is not by answering the questions of why such things happen, but by experiencing them as God does — by feeling a great sense of sorrow and pain for those involved. I sat and watched the news reports on this several evenings this past week, and was overwhelmed with awe and sorrow. Being able to give a solid explanation of God’s role in this isn’t enough. Wright says this well: we need to “embrace the same sense of helpless involvement in the sorrow of the world, as the means by which the world is to be healed. Those who work for justice, reconciliation and peace will know that sense, and perhaps, occasionally, that healing.”

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