March 28, 2005

inspire!I’ve often heard over the past few years that pastors were operating too much like corporate CEOs. While I have shared some of those concerns, I’ve also seen a lack of reasonable models being offered instead. It seemed that those who were opposed to CEP’s (chief operating pastors) were ready to chuck leadership altogether, or they just wanted something to gripe about without offering thoughts on a better alternative.

I do believe that God raises up leaders to serve as pastors/shepherds over the flock. Paul’s conversation with the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:28-32 reveals how important this role is. Leaders aren’t something we can simply discard because our society dislikes authority. I’ve long searched for a resource that might describe what a non-CEO kind of leadership might look like, but nothing quite seemed to make sense. (Summoned to Lead by Leonard Sweet was an attempt at this, but it didn’t do anything for me.) I think, at last, I may have found a worthwhile book on the subject…

I picked up Inspire!, by Lance Secretan with marginal interest at a used bookstore. I’ve read plenty of leadership books, and this one didn’t seem to be anything special. It had been a recomendation on Tim Sanders‘ mailing list and I liked his book, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did. I’m not far into it yet, but so far this book has had some good stuff to say. (Perhaps I’ll post some specific thoughts from it later.) If you are trying to define what leadership can look like in a new models of church, perhaps this book can help you on the way.

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