March 30, 2005

I know that a number of readers of this blog are fairly new to following blogs, so here’s some useful info for you. The easiest way to follow blogs (and many other websites these days) is not by visiting each site.

Many sites, and almost all blogs, produce something called an RSS feed. You can use an RSS reader to automatically give you updates when any of those sites are updated. Rather than visiting each site, you can go to your news reader, and it will consolidate the new posts of all of your subscribed feeds in one place.

BloglinesThere are some feed readers that you can download and install on your computer. My feed reader of choice, however, is a website called Bloglines. Because it is a website, I can follow all of the blogs I read by visiting Bloglines from any computer. Once you sign up for an account, you can add a bookmark to your favorites to easily subscribe to any site with an RSS feed.

Go sign up and give it a try…and don’t say I never offered anything useful here…

Bonus info!!!

  1. Some blogs will include a Subscribe with Bloglines button on their site which makes it really easy to subscribe. Here’s one for this site…

    Subscribe with Bloglines
  2. If you have a blog, Bloglines also makes it really easy to maintain the blogroll — the list of blogs you read — on your site. (This is probably my favorite feature of Bloglines.) Any time you subscribe to a new feed, Bloglines can automatically update the blogroll on your blog as well. Instructions are here .
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