lead by demonstration

April 26, 2005

{The following paragraph might be a little difficult to follow, but the links are interesting to track down and make the context of the quote below all the more compelling.}

Scoble has posted some thoughts about Microsoft and a Washington state anti-discrimination bill. Brian Bailey, from Fellowship Church, responded on his blog. Scoble, in turn, commented on Brian Bailey’s comments about his comments (whew!). I found the following comments from Scoble worth passing along:

Also, it really disturbs me when I hear that Christians are getting attacked. That’s not right either. The answer to intolerance isn’t more intolerance. One thing I really am jealous of many Christians is that they lead by demonstration. I have a couple of friends who are Mormon. They’ve never preached their religion with me, but have demonstrated that their religion teaches them selflessness and sharing through their actions.

Those are good attributes to aspire to, it seems to me.

This sounds obvious, and it’s something that many Christians have said over the ages, but it’s good to have it confirmed by someone who doesn’t profess to be a Christian. Now, as Christians, we need to wrestle with what that means and looks like for us everyday. In this particular instance, I think it means that a church full of Microsoft employees should equip them to demonstrate their faith inside the walls of Microsoft everyday, as I’m sure many of them do. Seems far more fruitful than a preacher who badgers Microsoft execs and tries to take credit for difficult decisions they have to make in running their company.

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