May 20, 2005

That last post was my first ever post from a Mac, making this my second. This week, I became the proud owner of the older model G5 17″ iMac, thanks to the fact that Apple is clearing them out right now. I am still heavily tied to my Dell laptop, and it is my main work computer. However, I’ve gotten to the point that my home machine is really more of a media machine, and especially one that I want to use for editing home videos. Mac simply does this better, so it was a no-brainer. With the iMacs being on sale, I knew I could easily make enough money selling some older computers and parts to make it happen.

I’ve worked on a PowerBook some before, so I knew a bit of what to expect, but I’m loving it nonetheless. Though I am going to use it primarily for media, I do want to use it as an alternate computer for work stuff. I’m trying to decide if Office for Mac will be worth the investment, or if I should just use iCal, Mail, and download OpenOffice for my other apps. For now…I will go with the freebies.

I’ve had lowlights and highlights in the first 24 hours. The lowlight includes the fact that Mac OS X (Tiger) has already crashed once and hung once. It also doesn’t seem to recognize my USB hard drive, which I was trying to use to move some files over. Highlights include a crystal clear audio chat with Zach (and Ava!), and a beautiful picture when I put in a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD to see how it would look.

I’m taking any and all recommendations from Mac users for your favorite Mac freeware and shareware for me to download…

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