May 31, 2005

jesuxI really wish that this was a joke, but unfortunately it’s not:

Jesux (pronounced Hay-sooks) is a new Linux distribution for Christian hackers, schools, families, and churches. There is already a core distribution being prepared, based on RedHat’s distribution.

Jesux will aim to be an environment that is pleasant for Christians to work in, with all the amenities a Christian might expect, and when possible, free from worldly influences.

When Paul was at the Areopagus, perhaps he would have rather been in a pleasant environment free from all those worldly influences around him. Perhaps Elijah felt the same on Mount Carmel…but that’s not where God needed them. If we have trouble interacting with something as neutral as a computer operating system, how are we ever going to interact with real people? To me, it’s an example of Christians creating and retreating into a subculture rather than grappling with what is going on around them.

One closing note for you…another quote from the website:

Also, we are seriously considering changing some fundamental OS features. The idea would be that function calls and features suggesting evil and otherwise pagan ideas would be changed.

* abort(3)
* kill(1)
* references to “daemon”

Speaking of offensive language, I wonder if they’ve considered how the name of the OS sounds…

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