to be told

July 6, 2005

I’ve been reading through To Be Told, by Dan Allender, with Josh. We are wrapping up next week. There have been some good issues that the book raises, but I specifically want to share a few thoughts from a chapter on shaping what your future looks like. I just offer these as is, and think they merit some reflection as they stand:

  • Coming to love your own life requires you to believe that the past was God’s will, that the already completed chapters were ultimately written for both his glory and your participation in redemption. – pg 110
  • We can love our past–even the parts we avoid and regreat–only if we understand that our story is written for the benefit of others’ stories in the future. We can truly love our life only when we see our story birth new and more glorious stories. – pg 111
  • Your dreams are either an escape or an entry; there is no middle ground. Either you dream to get away from the day-to-day grind, the unresolved past, or the uncertain future, or you dream of ways to enter the fray for a greater good than your own. – pg 113
  • Your dream, built on the passion of a single yes…must move you to throw the dice and let God bring up the numbers he wishes. … Dreaming gets you into the steamy reality of life: naming your dream, making a plan, and then jumping into the water. – pg 114
  • If our deepest dreams aren’t about other people, then we have settled for mere power and accomplishment — the self-absorption of narcissism. – pg 114
  • Dreams can quickly become fantasies if we refuse to risk and bleed for our future. – pg 122

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