top 50 most influential churches

July 18, 2005

The Top 50 Most Influential Churches

This list has been making the blog rounds this morning. By way of disclaimer, I should point out I’m not celebrating the list, just linking to it. There are some churches on there I think have done some great things, but there are definitely some on there that I hate to think are influencing anyone. (But Zach pretty much already covered that last night.) Personally, I wish it wasn’t limited to churches over 2000 in attendance, because a church simply shouldn’t be measured by attendance alone. There are some smaller churches and some unchurches doing some things that all of us should take note of.

My undenomination (independent Christian churches) likes to celebrate the fact that it was the fastest growing group of churches in terms of attendance according to some recent data. I personally think it has led us to be a little too ingrown in a lot of ways, and only focused on what is happening within our denomination, which apparently isn’t really being noticed very far beyond itself. Only two Christian churches even made the list, and they were way down at 44 and 50.

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