first anniversary

July 25, 2005

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve been blogging almost a year, so I thought I’d see when I started. It was a year ago today! So happy anniversary blog. Here’s some notes over the past year:

  • Here’s the first post which explains why the blog is called, which it no longer is. The address still works, and I intend to keep it since I know many still link to that old address. The name was changed to in February, which I explained here.
  • The blog was started on Drupal and moved over to WordPress about a month later. I still think Drupal is really cool, but wasn’t quite as full-featured at the time for blogging.
  • If my memory is correct, I’ve had five different templates. All of them have been somewhat minimalist, and this current one has probably been up as long as any of them.
  • The blog started off strong with a comment from Douglas Rushkoff within my first week, although I’m not sure he’s been back since.
  • The most commented post was Bags of Sugar thanks to some spirited interaction and subtle disagreement. I still like that post and some of the ideas in it.
  • I can’t really pick a favorite post, or even the most lame, because there are several good candidates for both options. This one should probably win the “lamest post” award since I’ve never gotten around to doing all that study of the parables like I wanted. But I still want to…some….day…
  • I’ve been a bit stuck lately. I have a few ideas in draft mode on my blog, but haven’t been able to push through and get them out of my head, so it’s mostly been smaller, informational posts of late. Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to get some of these thoughts banged out and get going again…

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