marriage in the resurrection

July 26, 2005

Some of my recent thoughts about the resurrection led me to think further about Matthew 22:23-33. In this story, Jesus describes that there will not be marriage in the resurrection. This has always been a less than exciting thought to me. What is the appeal of living an eternity where you don’t have that one intimate partner to share it with you? Will this also mean that my daughters will no longer be my daughters? That doesn’t sound like much fun either.

In Tortured Wonders, Rodney Clapp describes how perhaps our view of sex will someday be like our view of chocolate. When we were kids, all we wanted was chocolate. We thought it was the greatest thing in the whole wide world. As adults, we still enjoy chocolate, but it does not consume the entirety of our being. We know of better things now.

Perhaps this is how marriage will be in the resurrection. It will be something to be cherished from this life, but there is something actually better. Maybe we won’t need it because every relationship will be whole and intimate. The fruit of the Spirit will be fully evident in every relationship. Would this water it down too much? Is it possible that every relationship could be perfect, trusted and special? If so, it’s certainly beyond my comprehension at this point.

This might have you wondering about whether there will be sex (or chocolate!) in the resurrection. I’ll let you wrestle through that one on your own…

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