as big as i am

September 5, 2005

IMG_1105This is my daughter Macey. She is quite a character, and it makes me so proud.

Tonight, I was cuddling with our newborn daughter Ellie on the couch and explaining to her how much we love her. Macey was curled up next to us so I asked Macey to explain to Ellie how much she loves her. “I love you as big as I am” was her response. I’m sure to Macey that this was a grand statement of her love for her tiny sister.

After we said prayers in bed tonight, Macey said to me, “I love you as big as I am!”

Proud to be able to top her and prove that I love her more, I quickly retorted, “I love you as big as I am!”

As a quick and gentle reminder, I immediately understood God to be saying to me, “I love you as big as I am.”

No wonder I struggle to fathom that.

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