the meme of the unknown blogger

September 8, 2005

The explosion of the blog world in the last year has led to countless quality blogs being started, but sometimes it is hard to find them amongst all the other blog muck. Because there are so many quality blogs out there, I though I would try to start a meme to send some eyeballs toward those unknown bloggers. So, share a blog you think more people should read, and then tag 5 others (who hopefully read your blog!) to do the same.

Unknown blog:
I am admittedly biased, because Justin, who runs this blog is a very good friend of mine. Justin is more passionate than anyone I know about issues of injustice. His blog is devoted to educating us about injustices in the world, and ways we can particpate in bringing justice. He only blogs a few times a month, but it is always worth my time…and yours too.

Mike DeVries
Todd Hiestand
Zach Lind
Tim Samoff
Brandon Willey

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