stanley and keller in blogdom

September 12, 2005 | 4 Comments

Last February, Adam Cleaveland posted an entry about his visit to North Point Community Church last February. Lot of discussion followed on the evils or merits of megachurches…most of which I haven’t bothered to read. However, the discussion really picked up in the last few weeks as Andy Stanley (North Point’s pastor), and now Tim Keller, have joined the dialogue in the comments. Interesting stuff.

  • I thought it was a pretty interesting discussion.

    My personal opinion is that once a church reaches 800, they should plant another church with 200 of their original members – hopefully 200 people of around the same community. I don’t understand the logic of church members driving 20 miles away from their own community, away from the people they should be impacting, in order to go to a different community to a church that is trying to impact their community.

    I thought Andy’s first response was great too.

  • Must admit to absolutely loving Andy’s sarcastic remark to empty complaints (Read Clay). Got a serious chuckle out of it.

    I can’t believe the hypocrisy of people calling him out on being sarcastic because it is “below someone of your stature.” Whatever. Then they throw their sarcasm (err…hypocrisy) all over their own blogs.

    Have I ever mentioned that I dislike swinging pendulums?

  • Thanks for the post. I agree with Dean – LOVED the sarcastic remark. The whole thread made me think that we spend way too much time throwing stones at those who we need to be thanking. Andy Stanley has my utmost admiration.

  • thanks for posting this… yet another reason i love your geekness.
    insightful strain of conversation. I can’t wait until your blog starts picking up interest from the likes of Andy and others of “his stature”; you are definitely sarcastic enough.

    there can’t really be a “right number” can there?
    it’s all slanted opinion and speculation until you are really in a key leadership role and are spiritually responsible for making those critical discernemts.