the artist’s way

September 12, 2005

I spent the last few months working through a workbook called The Artist’s Way that was recommended to me months ago by a friend. While the book itself was interesting, the most beneficial thing for me was the challenge to do three pages of free writing every morning called the morning pages. They aren’t intended for any purpose other than to get you writing and clear out your soul.

Through this proces, I have a fresh new perspective about journaling. My journaling in the past has always failed to be interesting to me. Sometimes, it has been a factual recap of what is going on in life, with perhaps a bit of commentary thrown in. Other times, it has been in the form of prayers to God. Unfortuantely, that style never led to gut level brutal honestly about what was in my soul. It was if God needed me to filter things I said when I was actually in prayer mode.

Now, journaling has become an expedition deep into my soul. I can’t begin to describe how many things I have discovered about myself. Rather than just recapping facts, I’ve been digging in to understanding why I have different motivatons and feelings about things, and it has been eye opening for me. It’s not that my journal is no longer a prayer. In fact, I would argue that it is the deepest, most intimate praying I have ever done.

Maybe all this is obvious to most people, but for some reason, I never learned to journal this way. I know look forward to sitting down and hacking out some thoughts every day. I also find myself making a mental note and thinking “I need to explore this tomorrow in my journal.” Beautiful stuff.

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