first paper

September 28, 2005 | 8 Comments

Been busy with a research paper and preparation for the looming church launch. It took a little while to get back in the flow of writing a research paper, but if nothing else, I think I at least got it formatted correctly. Here’s a copy of my paper in case my mommy visits and wants to read it: Reemphasizing Athanasius in Our Post-Christian Culture.

  • 14 pages… go john!

  • JJ

    I’d read it, but you bore me when you talk so I can’t imagine what the paper would be like.

    Congrats on the completion and I’m praying for the launch.

  • Looks good. Intimidating title. I’ve downloaded it onto my palm and hope to read it this weekend up north. Congrats.

  • Glory Be. Can’t wait to read it.


  • Nice work John. What do you plan to do with it?

  • What do I plan to do with what? The paper itself, or the conclusions I make in it?

  • i really agree about our needed work on being cynical and fatalistic in perspective. It is important, appreciating creation in the environment AND especially in the image in all of us. sin pollutes all but does not decimate value and does not hinder God from working in all creation. truth. this is a hurdle for many. and i like ole athanasius a lot :o)

  • Both.