rick warren in africa

October 9, 2005 | 6 Comments

I found this article this morning via Jordon Cooper: Purpose Driven in Rwanda. It is a great view about how God has placed Africa on the hearts of Rick and Kay Warren, and how they are finding ways to be involved there. (Rick is the pastor of Saddleback and the author of The Purpose Driven Life.) It is good to see someone who influences so many take a lead here, and it is definitely worth a read for any church leader.

  • Time Magazine had an article about this as well.

    I thought it was very interesting.

  • This is exactly why it is so insane for the emergent church to condemn the “mega-church” in such broad terms. I have heard Rick Warren raked over the coals so many times. Who among us is rallying thousands and thousands of people in their sphere of influence to devote their life to the poor in Africa?

    Pretty powerful article. Thanks for sharing it, John.

  • Dean, I feel confused about the first sentence in your comment. Would you unpack it a little? I do agree with you that it is a good thing to devote one’s life to the poor in Africa. Rick Warren certainly is using his celebrity status to bring awareness to the situation for which I am grateful.

  • What struck me the most about this article was the change that Warren went through and admitted to. He owned up to the fact that he had been missing a huge portion of the “purposes of God.” It would have been really easy for him to say, “I’ve always had a concern for those living in poverty.” But instead he admits that this was part of God’s plans and he missed it. That can’t be easy for a guy in his position to do.

  • Jamie, I’ll try to unpack a bit. It was really just an emotional statement about making polarizing statements about anything. I am not saying that all in the emergent conversation are against the “mega-church”. I am simply saying that there are those who speak loudly against the “mega-church” in generic. I have also heard people speak of Rick Warren and the “Purpose Driven Church” in specific. This article is an example of a pastor who is learning and growing. Who doesn’t have it all figured out, but who is impacting the world in a way that I am not. I’m humbled by their passion and their willingness to put it all out on the line.

    Rich or not, the backward tithing completely floored me. I don’t know anyone who has ever done that personally.

  • this is a great article. thanks for the heads up john. dean, i think some of the criticism rick warren has recieved is not off base but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t possible of amazing things. i second gary’s thoughts on how great it is that warren was able to recognize how he wasn’t clearly hearing the pulse of God’s heart, even though he is considered to be one of the most notable “men of God” in our world today. big ups to rick and kay.