blogging call out

October 17, 2005

I just feel the need to call out some people who I think should blog. I was thinking of doing this a while ago, and was planning to include Gary Hansen. Before I got around to it, he emailed me and got one started up. Perhaps some of that mojo will rub off on these fine folks as well. These are the kind of people who have stuff going on in their brain everytime you talk to them — my kind of peeps!

Steve Carter – Steve, I know you read this blog from time to time. When we talk, you always have something worth sharing. I don’t think that just because we only talk a few times a year.
Justin Narducci – Oh wait, he was a blogger…once upon a time! Something about grad classes, blah blah blah.
Ryan Russell – Ryan is so good at whipping things into shape, he could create a jungle gym out of a pasture full of cow pies. Dude, share some of that genius structrual and organizational wisdom with all of us.
Shanon Schneider – Shanon would write a blog that none of us would understand, but we would feel smarter just because we read it.
Tim Soerens – Tim is admittedly “slow at tech” so he probably won’t be reading this. However, I know others that know him read this, so lets keep rattling his cage until he gets his {ahem} jungle gym together.
Bono – I pretty darn sure that Bono doesn’t read this, but I think he would be able to generate a subscriber or two to his feed.

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