it begins (sort of)

October 24, 2005

Pathways officially launched yesterday. However, I would argue, with little resistance, that this church has already been in existence for months. I’ve received many emails and phone calls from friends and family telling us congrats for getting up and running. Thanks so much for all of those.

Along with many well wishers who came just to be there as we got started, there were a number of people there who were looking to be a part of a community of people who are trying to understand how to follow Jesus. There were also surprising connections as we met people who were friends of friends…even through connections in Arizona.

Please continue to pray for Pathways. The launch of weekend services yesterday is really such a small thing. Much greater is the task of shaping the culture of this infant community. Pray that we can shape a community of people who don’t simply want to come to a church service or be a part of a small group. Pray that the hearts of this church community, beginning with mine, will continuously wrestle with how we can be Jesus both locally and globally.

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