inside out

November 3, 2005

Inside OutAs part of their 30 year anniversary, Willow Creek is doing something I think is pretty cool. They are doing something called Inside Out which involves going out to serve their community for 30 days. They also have a created a blog to share stories. Here’s is a partial description from their website:

How do believers “do church” in their neighborhoods? We do it being part of an Inside Out team that shows compassion and does good—in our own backyards. For 30 days after our anniversary, we will go out our front doors and into our communities and do good. See? Not complicated. Join a team or better yet…be a project leader. All it takes is a grateful heart and a desire to make a difference. See? It’s easy.

I do think this is good stuff, but I think this is the kind of thing that needs to move from being a campaign to a convention in church communities. Can every church make this a part of our ongoing culture? Should we never emphasize something like this as a special campaign, because then it will have a stopping point in the mind of most people? Or do we hope that emphasizing a campaign like this will create and transform the culture of our local church communities?

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