theology for the community of god

November 3, 2005

theology for the community of godWhew! I’ve been reading this monstrosity of a tome since early July. I’m glad to be finished, but I’m also glad I read it.

As the title might suggest, this book is an overview of Christian theology. By no means have I exhaustively read all the systematic theology books out there, but I would readily recommend this one to anyone who is looking to read one.

Though it is thorough, the writing is very accessible. Oftentimes, books like this focus so much on being academic that most would find reading them to be too laborious. Not so here.

I also appreciate the tone with which Grenz wrote this. It is not a dogmatic, “this is the way it is” approach. He tends to give an overview of different perspectives with strong and weak points of each, before offering his perspective on it. Even at that, he does not come across strongly. It is more as if he is suggesting ideas for the reader to interact with.

If you are looking to spend a few months 🙂 to get an overall framework for the Christian faith, this is a good way to go. It could also be a handy reference work, but should, at some point, be read as a whole so you understand the continuity of his ideas as they flow through the book.

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