being missional vs doing evangelism

November 5, 2005

“How do you see the relationship between ‘being missional’ and doing evangelism?”

Aaron Ogle asked a question similar to this in a workshop today at the A Generous Orthodoxy conference this morning. I’ve been mulling on this throughout the day, so I thought I’d pitch my two cents in.

Doing good works is often seen as a way of softening people up so they will be interested in hearing our views. We assume that if we do nice things for people, we will earn the right to be heard with them.The common argument might be that this is being missional in order to open doors for evangelism. This seems to do such a disservice to both notions.

Missional action and evangelism must be traced back to their common root – compassion. Being missional and doing evangelism should be seen as one and the same. They are acts motivated out of compassion. They should rise out of a desire within us to give of what we have to someone who is without, whether that be physical needs, a willingness to listen, or further understanding of what what it means to live life to the fullest.

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