portable simplicity

November 6, 2005

In the midst of starting a new church, one of the mantras I keep repeating to myself and others is, “Let’s keep it simple!” There is enough going on already. Let’s keep details to a minimum so we can focus on relationships.

One of our desires has been to record the teaching in order to make a podcast available, but the process of doing this is yet another detail amongst many. With our collective know-how on the sound board being minimal, we wanted to figure out the easiest way to do it. We had no luck recording teachings our first few weeks.

iRiver ifp-790After three weeks of failed attempts to record the teachings, I remembered a recommendation that Zach passed along months ago. He suggested that we get an iRiver 700 series MP3 player/recorder. It has a line-in, so it can receive a signal directly from the sound board and encode it to MP3 on the fly. I ordered one, and we used it today. It was just a matter of plugging in a cable and pushing a button. I’ve listened to the source file, and it sounds like it worked great, so our teaching podcast should finally be able to go live this week. Thanks for the idea, Zach.

Speaking of simplicity, there is a reason that iPod’s sell so well. They are so simple and easy to navigate. This iRiver did a great job of recording, but it was a bit of trouble to navigate through all the settings so that I could have it all set up properly in advance. I’m pretty technically minded, but had to actually break out the manual to figure out how to get it all set up properly. 🙁

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