lectio divideo

November 10, 2005

This week in our home groups, we were discussing redemption. We spent some time with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). If God’s prime mission in our world is redemption, then how is the Lord’s Prayer is a prayer asking God to redeem this world? And how is it a prayer asking how we can partner with him in that?

Rather than just open our Bibles and go through the prayer verse by verse, we spent time meditating on the passage through lectio divina. Taking advantage of the fact that we were in family rooms, I made this very simple video (first ever on my imac!) and burned it on a DVD. It allowed all of us to spend time in silence meditating together as the verse drifted across the screen.

Both our groups had excellent discussion. The time spent just being silent and listening led to insights brought out of the text that might not have surfaced otherwise.

I’ve set the video to loop…why not take a few minutes to meditate on something of far greater value than the next entry in your RSS reader?

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