it’s a plural us

November 14, 2005

wheatAs I mentioned here, we spent some time last week looking at the Lord’s Prayer. In our desire to see this as a prayer of God’s work of redemption, I saw a phrase in a way I had never before seen it.

As Dean and I were talking though it, the phrase “give us today our daily bread” took on new life for me. Previously, everytime I had ever read it, or heard others talk about it, it was almost always understood as “give me today my daily bread”. Or perhaps “give me-and-my-family today our daily bread.” Or maybe “give me-and-the-others-who-are-here-praying-with-me today our daily bread”. In my me-centered universe, I had never before considered that it is a ‘global’ us. Or…as Dean said, “it is a plural us”. Exactly! It’s not just my us, but it’s all of the us’s around the world.

This is not simply a prayer for God to only provide for those who pray to him. This is a prayer for justice. It is a prayer for all people to have the provision they need in life. It is a true prayer for the justice of the kingdom of God to sweep throughout the earth. We are so bent on reading things as being about us, we don’t often see things in this way. It makes me wonder how many other passages of Scripture I totally distort with my “me” lenses.

May God give us a new set of lenses to see the Scriptures through a global perspective. May we work against the brokenness of humanity so that God’s justice might flow to this world. In a world with plenty, may those have who have not.

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