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November 25, 2005

hard driveI’ve had little interest in the chaos that happens in stores on the day after Thanksgiving. I did stoop to looking through the ads, and nothing really caught my eye — except a nice and plump 200gb hard drive for $30 at CompUSA. I’ve been digitizing a lot of our video to our hard drives, and running out of space, so this seemed like a good opportunity for some binary breathing room. CompUSA was even going to be so nice as to open at midnight. Josh was still at our house recovering from a late Thanksgiving meal, so we decided we’d make a go of it. How foolish we were…

As we pulled up right around midnight, it was hard not to miss the line. It stretched across the front of CompUSA, as well as the entire big box store that was next to it. I wondered what kind of idiots would be out shopping at this time, but I didn’t wonder too long lest I incriminate Josh.

After I made my way through the massive cuddle party to the hard drive section, I discovered the hard drives were gone. I was, however, lucky enough to find several people who apparently believe that holidays are an ideal day to skip a shower.

The evening was not lost as I wandered through the store and enjoyed the ravaging of the shelves. A large groupthink was in place. People were grabbing just about anything with a yellow tag, not wanting to miss out on a good deal. Or more importantly, not wanting someone else to get something before they did. At one point, I actually heard a guy say, “I’m just jealous of people who are lucky enough to actually get something they wanted.”

I’m proud to say that Josh and I came home empty handed. Somewhat because we weren’t really interested in anything else, but mostly because we didn’t want to wait for an hour in the checkout line that was already winding through the store.

By the way, they have this neat thing called the internet. While you shouldn’t rely on it for all of your social interaction, it is a pretty convenient tool for missing out on cuddle parties infested with unshowered geeks. It’s so neat that I was able to come home and buy this 200gb hard drive, also for $30, from They are even going to deliver to my house for free.

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