November 30, 2005

is a pretty cool little utility that let’s you share documents between computers or online. It sets up a private (hopefully!) peer to peer network that allows you to to share specific files or folders to share between your own computers. It can also be used to access files remotely or share documents with others that you are collaborating on. It will even keep the files that are on different computer in sync so that most up to date version is available on all computers. I used it tonight to copy all my work files over to my iMac so that I can access them quickly from there as well. Pretty cool stuff.

Microsoft obviously likes the concept as they bought up FolderShare about 4 weeks ago. Considering there is now a Microsoft logo at the bottom of all their screens, I think it is pretty suprising to see that it still integrates with the Google Desktop search and even displays the Google Desktop Search icon – Google Desktop Search – when you do a search.

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