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December 10, 2005

I had never heard of Mission Arlington before reading about it in The Externally Focused Church this past week. It sounds like a church that many churches could learn a lot from. Here’s a little info from their How We Started page:

I asked a lady, “Would you come to church with me?” “Oh, no, Ms. Tillie. Isn’t church for people who have their lives together? I don’t have my life together yet. When I get my life together, I’ll come to church.”

That’s when I knew we must take church to the people. Our definition of church is what we do 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day, all year long! It is just who we are.

We had prayed for 4 months prior to beginning. We had shared the vision God had given to us with women in our community. When we began August 1, 1986, God had people ready to receive the Gospel. They were physically and spiritually hungry. The Scripture found in the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew still rings true.

Out of one lady’s need for help with her utility bill and some furniture and clothing, we were able to begin teaching John 3:16 in her apartment. Seventeen people came that first Sunday! They had not heard God’s Word in years; some had never heard that God loves them. Now they know!

Today, we are more than nineteen years old. But not that much has changed. We still want to love people to Jesus one life at a time.

If you haven’t been here before, then come and see. You are only our guests once, and then you become family. If you are already a part of our family, then accept our thanks for your part in this journey together. We will look for you around here as we serve our Lord together.

With each breath, and all of our strength, we will serve our Lord, and love the people He sends us.

Praise His name!

Tillie Burgin
Executive Director
Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex

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