everything belongs reflections

December 27, 2005

Everything BelongsWhen I read, I usually have a pen in my hand to underline noteworthy thoughts — things I might be challenged by, want to think about more, or that I disagree with. With thoughts I consider especially significant, I dog-ear the page. After reading the book, I go back through the dog-eared pages to review those thoughts and put them into a book journal I keep.

Often times, I will even take a few of the thoughts out of my journal and blog them for the sake of sharing them with others to see how they respond to them. I know that these posts with lots of quotes often get overlooked by blog readers, and that’s fine. (For instance, I’m pretty sure that JJ is no longer reading.) I tend to be a blog skimmer myself. However, some interact with the thoughts, so I hope that they are helpful to others.

I probably have underlined and copied as much out of Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr, as any book in the two years I’ve had this system. Even trying to decide what to share on the blog has been difficult, so I am going to create a series of posts of some of my favorite thoughts. I will set my blog to automatically publish a few each day, in hopes that they will be easier for others to digest in this way. So…let the series begin…

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