everything belongs pg 103

December 29, 2005

Everything BelongsThis entry is part of a series of significant thoughts from Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr. See the entry entitled Everything Belongs Reflections for more info.

What is my agenda? What is my predisposition? What are my prejudices? What are my angers? I meet people in high levels of church and society who don’t appear to have asked these questions or undertaken this discipline. This discernment process is often called the third eye or the third ear. It refers to the ability to stand away from ourselves and listen and look with some kind of calm, not judgmental, objectivity.

Understanding ourselves should be at least half of any training for those in ministry. Not just at the level of preparation (seminary, etc.) but even ongoing. The understanding of our inner souls and the motivations that come out of them are pathetically overlooked by those of us in ministry as we are always trying to tune up our exterior skill sets.

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