everything belongs pg 107

December 29, 2005

Everything BelongsThis entry is part of a series of significant thoughts from Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr. See the entry entitled Everything Belongs Reflections for more info.

Even though the admonition not to fear is the most common one-liner in the Bible, our system never called fear a sin. We rewarded it, as all organizational systems will. When religion becomes an organizational system, it will reward fear because it offers control to those in management.

Some will want to respond to this by saying that all organized forms of religion are therefore worthless. I just can’t go there, but those leading them always have to be aware of the nature to point that way. In the contexts I lead, when I find something not going as I want it to, I find myself continually wondering if my motives to correct it are due to my own controlling nature, or because they are what is best for the individuals involved.

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