everything belongs pg 120

December 30, 2005

Everything BelongsThis entry is part of a series of significant thoughts from Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr. See the entry entitled Everything Belongs Reflections for more info.

Therefore, we are led to the conclusion that growth in the spiritual life (and this is surprising to capitalists) takes place not by acquisition of something new. It isn’t like the acquisition of new information, which some call “spiritual capitalism.” In reality our growth is hidden. It is accomplished by the release of our current defense postures, by the letting go of fear and our attachment to self-image. Thus, we grow by subtraction much more than by addition. It’s not a matter of more and better information. The wisdom traditions say that information itself is not the key.

What a challenge for me. I feel like my primary spiritual gift is teaching, and yet that usually takes the shape of providing information for others to acquire. What does it look like to teach others by subtraction, rather than addition?

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