stetzer on the emerging church

January 6, 2006

Steve McCoy has posted a link to an article by Ed Stetzer entitled Understanding the emerging church.

There has been a lot of attention thrown toward the idea of emerging churches in this past year, much of it negative. It almost seems that anyone trying to do church differently than Willow Creek (Axis not included) or Saddleback is categorized as emerging. This is obviously way too broad of a categorization and shows why even trying to create categories can sometimes be dangerous.

We’ve also seen attempts of late to show that Emergent itself is not the whole of the emerging church movement. I’m thankful to see Stetzer trying to shape some understanding of the different streams of thought.

In spite of what I said about the danger of categories above, I find this article to be somewhat helpful. I think his breakdown lines up with some of my own evaluation of the different strands of the emerging church. For what it’s worth, I find his ‘reconstructionist’ category a fairly suitable description of some of my own leanings.

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