January 17, 2006

I sat down last night and watched the first few episodes of 24. I made it about halfway through the third episode before I got tired and turned it off. I have to say I haven’t been very interested in finishing it, so for me, this season might be 2.4 instead of 24.

I don’t undertand why the show is popular. I think they do a great job of leaving you hanging at the end of each episode and I understand how addictive that can be. However, I think I mumble “give me a break” or “you’ve gotta be kidding” more often than Jack Bauer shoots someone. The plot is just so full of holes that I couldn’t even use it to drain spagheetti. The character emotions just don’t match up with how a real 24 hour timeline would play out. (“I’ve thought Jack Bauer has been dead for 18 months, and I’m willing to accept that he’s alive within 43 seconds of seeing a grainy video!”)

I watched last season, and I think I enjoyed it because we were living with a friend who I could mock it with. Perhaps I need to start a giant iChat where I can mock the show with my peeps.

Or…I could just forget it. After all, there is always Gilmore Girls.

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