leadership summit 2006

February 15, 2006 | 6 Comments

The speaker lineup for the Leadership Summit 2006 has been announced:
• Bono, Lead Singer of the rock group U2 and TIME Magazine’s 2005 Person of the Year
• Wayne Cordeiro – Senior Pastor, New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu
• Bill Hybels – Willow Creek
• Patrick Lencioni – Founder & President of The Table Group, Inc.
• James Meeks – Senior Pastor, Salem Baptist Church in Chicago
• Ashish Nanda – Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
• Peg Neuhauser – President, PCN Associates
• Andy Stanley – Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church in Atlanta

I’m excited Bono will have a chance to address this audience. Even if he weren’t included, this lineup stirs my interest in working out a way to attend this year.

  • That line-up immediately brought 3 things to my mind:

    1) Finally some racial diversity
    2) Has Bono sold out?
    3) Why only 1 woman? How about a female pastor?

    This is just what pop into my cranium; forever a cynic.

  • Hmm…first thing that popped into my mind reading your comment is that you’re such a cynic…but you already pointed that out. 🙂

    1) They usually have two African Americans, but they are a little broader this year I suppose.

    2) I think this is far from selling out — I think it is his dream. He’s been pursuing opportunities to stir the heart of the American Evangelical church toward Africa for years. I can’t think of a better platform for him to do it from than this.

    3) It seems that their standard guideline for pastors is someone who has started a church and lead it to about 10k or more. That’s not always true, but for the most part it seems to be. It’s probably a bit of a challenge to find a woman with that credential. Again, I wouldn’t be too hard on them. I think Willow has been one of the leader in the Evagelical church when it comes to giving women roles in visible leadership.

    But…I’m forever the optimist.

  • yes you are! I am happy for you. I do think Bono will bring a powerful message that needs to be heard, so for that I am hopeful. Racial diversity and gender equality has a long, long, long way to go in the Evangelical church, even at Willow. I am not a Willow basher, completely, but I long for reform and repentence, and too often we see mega-church as the pinacle, or should I say the summit?

  • well…you want to try to get a group together to go john? although willow does have its obvious connotations the entirety of the church is not from dark side of _______. the leadership summit is a place where , historically, the secular and the sacred talk about how to ‘get along’ throuh leading together…for that, and with bono there, i want to be there.


  • Berto

    The website says…

    “Bill Hybels will talk with Bono in an exclusive video-taped interview.”

    Quite interesting, but it’d be cool to hear him give a speech.

  • scarter

    I must say that the leadership summit is the best conference I have ever attended. for me what makes it so powerful is the diversity that is so present…from race, gender, denomination to job title, hybels brings in people that will push the church with new insights on leadership. Remember this guy a few years ago brought in Bill Clinton for the summit…can you imagine what might could come about from 70,000 church leaders getting to hear from Bono about God’s heart for the poor and oppressed in Africa?