March 1, 2006

I grew up in a tradition where I knew nothing of Lent, except that it meant that a girl I liked in eighth grade couldn’t eat meat on Fridays. I’ve seen Lent mentioned on several other blogs — I’m not sure if it is trendy this year, or if it is just because it is on my radar. I’ve decided to partipate in lent this year (but just for the record, I decided to do it before it was what all the cool bloggers were doing).

In January, I was in a class that challenged me to think about celebrating Lent as a viable Christian practice. I have been struck in recent years with the feeling that Easter didn’t hold the sacredness for me that it should. It has mostly about being a part of a big Sunday in a church with a lot of new faces. I like the idea of building an anticipation of Easter, and joining millions of other Christians around the world in doing so.

For me, I will be abstaining caffeine this season as a stimulant. I’m not going to try to completely cut it out, because I know that it is difficult to avoid. But I will be only be drinking decaf coffee and caffeine free drinks. Yes, I know decaf coffee has traces of caffeine — I’m cutting it out as a stimulant, no outright, so get off me. (Look at that…I’m getting edgy already.)

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