why i read

March 3, 2006

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but a few years ago, I started to become more serious about it. I set goals to try to average a book a week, and I have been able to maintain that pace (although I’m slipping this year).

A few different times I’ve had people ask me what I hope to accomplish by reading so much. Much of that has to do with my personality. My Myers-Briggs profile is INTP. (I have scored as an INTJ once or twice, but the INTP description seems to fit me the best.) Being an INTP means that I like to have as much data as possible before making decisions.

For me, reading is a process of continual data gathering. Through reading, I hope to continually expand my breadth of understanding. This gives me more information and insight to be able to make decisions I feel confident about.

After I finish every book, I spend time cataloguing quotes and my thoughts about it in OneNote. I also use OneNote as my journal and a place to record different ideas I am processing. It is very easy to do a search in OneNote, and I find this to be very helpful when writing sermons, lessons or papers. It gives me a large catalog of thoughts I’ve wrestled through. Not everyone is an INTP, but I’d recommend anyone who generally creates content or shares ideas through writing or speaking to use OneNote to organize some of their thoughts and research.

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