opportunities for awareness

March 9, 2006

I’ve come across a few opportunities for us to participate in raising awareness of justice issues around the globe that I think are worth passing along.

World Water Day March 22, 2006World Water Day is March 22. It raises awareness that 20% of the world doesn’t have access to clean, drinkable water in their homes. In Seattle, this will include a walk around Greenlake that I’m hoping will work out for me to take at least my oldest daughter to as a learning experience. There are walks happening in many cities, and I’d encourage you to find out what is happening near you. They also have other options to participate if there isn’t a walk near you.

If you are in the Phoenix area, a number of my friends there are teaming up for a showing of a film about AIDS called A Closer Walk. It’s on March 30. I’m proud that these are my friends that are doing this, and hope its something a lot of people will go and see.

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