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March 11, 2006 | 6 Comments

Catalyst is a conference I’ve been intereted in for years, and never been able to work out going. Apparently, they have a brand new podcast (iTunes link), because I just stumbled onto it in the iTunes directory.

The first episode is an interview with Andy Stanley. After listening to the first few mintues, I can already tell the sound quality is going to bother me. It’s not bad, but coming from Catalyst, I’m surprised they weren’t able to make it sound a little better.

  • I traveled to Atlanta to check out the Catalyst conference two years ago. I had high hopes. It seemed like a well done conference tuned into the world of a new generation of church leaders. Andy Stanley, John Eldredge, and John Maxwell were going to be there along with some other names so I figured the event would be amazing. It wasn’t. In fact it was one of the biggest let downs (as far as conferences go) that I have ever been to. My main beefs were:

    1.) The venue was horrible – a arena football arena in Atlanta were they had contracted to only use arena concession stands, resulting in more expenses for food and drinks between breaks (not ot mention huge lines). MOst good conferences these days include a bounty of drinks and snacks for breaktimes in the conference price.

    2.) The event was way more flash than substance. The first day we arrived to our seats to find a “goodie bag” filled with glowing pens, trinkets, and a pair of those inflatable noise makers you clap together at sporting events. This is where our registration fees went – to junk we played with for 5 mins and never saw again? Would have rather seen the investment in better speakers or drinks/snacks for breaks.

    3.) Speaker lineup was weak.

    Anyway, it cost my buddy and I an arm and a leg to fly to Atlanta to check this thing out even though we had a friend to stay with in town. We had much higher expectations. Maybe they have since got there act together.

    The podcast, however would allow us to get the conference sessions (the only part of catalyst worth anything to me) for free without the travel, costs, etc.

  • Hey All – Just wanted to extend an apology to Zach for his experience at Catalyst. I think everyone would agree that was a weak year for us.

    Last year was incredible and I would love to send him DVD’s just to say thanks for giving us a chance in the first place. I would also love to put the offer out there for 2 free tickets to this year’s event if he’s interested. Our heart is that people would be encouraged and spurred on in their journey when they leave our event. I know it doesn’t make up for time poorly spent but I would love to try.

    I will also try and get our sound quality up to par for everyone on the podcast. We love feedback like this and will work hard to make sure our resources are top quality and serving their purpose.

  • Daniellek,

    Thanks for the offer. I truly appreciate the thought, but it’s not necessary.

    – Zack

  • Krysta

    I attended Catalyst in 2004 and it was an amazing experience for me. In fact, I still go through my notes from the conference and replay Andy, Erwin and Chuck Colson’s messages in my head. I would say that if you didn’t get anything out of it at all, then you didn’t prepare your heart. God will speak through anyone to get your attention … but you have to be ready to receive what He has for you.

    I believe the conference offered great resources and am thankful that Injoy was obedient to God’s call on their lives to put something of this caliber together.