March 31, 2006

library thingMike DeVries blogged about last week. It’s an online book catalog. (He warned it was addictive and he was right. I’ve spent some time on and off this last week entering most of my library.)

I was a little obsessive about seeing how many books I share in my library with others. Assuming others were as well, it seems like that would be a good meme. So, below, I have posted the top five other people who I have books in common with — I already recognize a few of these names from the blogosphere. I’d encourage anyone to enter their books and post the top 5 they share with, but specifically I’d ask the bloggers below to continue the meme.

Steve McCoy (blog/library): 93 books (Dude has 1700 books…probably going to be in the top 5 of a lot of people.)
Rob Merrill (library): 89 books
Mike DeVries (blog/library): 82 books (no surprise after seeing some of the books he’s been reading the last year or so)
Pat Loughery (blog/library): 72 books (I’m familiar with Pat through
Roger Overton (blog/library): 69 books

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