the secret message of jesus

April 13, 2006

After reading Brian McLaren’s latest, The Secret Message of Jesus, I have to agree with Jason Clark. I really liked the book, but I hated the title. The book is about the message of Jesus, and he tries to justify the use of the word secret, but I think it is really just to help the book stand out…as if a McLaren book needs that at this point.

The book is a helpful summary of Jesus’ teachings, especially regarding the kingdom of God. I enjoyed it a lot more than A Generous Orthodoxy because it is easier to read with less parenthetical and apologetic statements in it. McLaren is known, maybe even a bit unfairly, for opening up questions and never really stating where he himself stands. Though far from dogmatic, he is more defining of his own views in this book, and I find it helpful.

It is a book that I could recommend to anyone and I hope a lot of people read it. It could be a helpful introduction to someone who is new to trying to understand who Jesus is, but can also be a good summary to someone who is trying to understand how the theology of the kingdom of God fits into Jesus’ mesage.

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